Five Times Wins Slots

Five Times Wins Slots has become a very popular slot game among online players from the US. This is a classic slot, and as such it does come with one special feature. We highly recommend you play Five Times Wins Slots at 24VIP Flash Casino.

About the Game

This game will take up your entire screen, which makes it all the more enjoyable to play. Five Times Win Slots is a 3-reel, 3-payline bonus slot game. Set against a blue background, the colors in the slot game are wonderfully designed to make this slot all the more playable. The max coin value is $5, with a max bet of $45 per spin. The jackpot is 5000 coins when you get all 5X Logo Symbols. The pay table is located to the right of the slot and you can view the symbols and payouts as you play. There is an Auto Play button available

Playing the Game

Before playing the game, become familiar with the pay table. You will notice that at the top of it are multipliers: 1xs, 2xs, and 3xs. Under the multiplier you will see the 5X Logo. Bet one coin and you will win 1500 coins with a 1xs multiplier; two coins will win you 3000 coins with a 2xs multiplier; and betting the max of 3 coins will garner you 5000 coins with a 3xs multiplier. The 5X Logo symbol is also a wild symbol with a 5xs multiplier.


While you can win on every other spin or sometimes on every spin, we suggest you bet the max considering the high payouts. However, if this is not in your budget, start with a $1 bet and see if you can accumulate enough money to eventually bet the max. This game is definitely worth it.